About Us

What is GadgetBox?

GadgetBox is a tech-based subscription box services that sends subscribers monthly boxes of unique and innovative technology gadgets (we also send subscribers boxes of tech-based gadgets on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on which subscription plan the subscriber chooses). We discovered that the amount of technology and the number of tech entrepreneurs who launch their products is increasing at a very rapid pace. As a result of this, consumers are not able to fully experience and engage in the new products and technology that is swarming the globe. To combat this issue, we created GadgetBox in order to bridge the gap and connect consumers with technology on a more direct basis. .

These boxes that subscribers receive will contain a certain amount of gadgets that will be delivered  via postal mail. The gadgets that are received will not be randomized products. Instead, these tech-based products  will be hand picked by the GadgetBox team in order to match the preferences of the subscriber as closely as possible.

In essence, we are a growing subscription box service that looks to bring the world of technology right to your doorstep. 

What's in the Box?

Your subscription box, which is received on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis (Depending on the subscription plan you choose) will include unique and innovative tech and design gadgets/products. It can be anything from newly designed and sound efficient wireless headphones to mini audio speakers to a Smart Lightbulb and so on (items listed are just a few that were included in our past boxes). The box full of gadgets will arrive at your doorstep and will contain anywhere between 2-5 gadgets. (Once again, the amount of products received will depend on the subscription plan that you choose.

The Content

In a custom designed box, you will recieve innovative and unique gadgets from entrepreneurs and shops all over the globe. 

The Store

Consumers will also be able to browse and shop through our online store. You do not need to be subscribed to shop on our store. Anyone who would like to shop, can shop for amazing and unique products that we get from entrepreneurs and vendors from around the globe. We constantly update the shop with new gadgets/products to provide you with the best expereince. 

The Point System

Induviudals will be able to use our point system to get discounts from our online store. Discounts can range anywhere from 10% to 30% and even more when we have sales. So how do you accumulate points? Simple. Each time you purhcase an item from our online store, points will be added to your account (you can keep track of the amount of points you have on your account/profile page. , Entreprneurs who sign up with GadgetBox will receive points each time they register a product with GadgetBox through their account/profile page. 

You can enter in the points you wish to use while checking out and the price will automatically adjust to the new discounted price. Once you use the points for a discount then the amount of points will then be adjusted on your account. 


This is our Benchmark for the point system:

1) 500 points used=10% off

2) 1,000 points used= 20% off

3) 1,500 points used=25% off

4) 2,000 points used=30% off